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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is merely a method of making money online by promoting somebody else's products. As an affiliate you're essentially a commission sales representative for the products you're promoting: You make a commission for every paying customer you send out to the merchant selling the product. It's kind like being a property representative: You don't own the house you're selling, but you get a nice commission for promoting it and finding the right buyer.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

To see how it works, let's imagine that you are an affiliate for a website called "EasiestSystemEver.com", where customers can subscribe to learn and apply the most effective and quick affiliate system to promote various niches online. You'll get commission for every customer that subscribes and buys the system.

With so many ways of making money online, what makes affiliate marketing so great? If you're brand new to making money online, affiliate marketing is a fantastic place to start for a variety of reasons:

Reason # 1: It's easy to begin

As an affiliate, you don't need to create the products you're promoting. You simply promote something that currently exists. This is a lot simpler than building and offering your own physical or digital product:

  • You don't have to invest time and money on developing the product or service
  • You don't have to buy stock to sell, or shop it anywhere
  • You don't have to learn how to run a shopping cart
  • You don't have to manage consumer support

You essentially get a number of the benefits of having your own product, without all the frustrating parts. And the very best thing is ... you can even wind up making MORE than the product owner for each sale! Commissions of 70% are quite typical.

Reason # 2: It's easy to grow

One of the best methods to make more money is to add brand-new products to your lineup. It can take months to develop a new product when you're selling your own products. However as an affiliate, it's as easy as putting up a new ad, or composing a couple of paragraphs talking about the brand-new item.

Reason # 3: No special skills required

You do not need any particular skills or experience to begin as an affiliate. Many affiliates begin without any knowledge, and simply discover as they go. Obviously having a background in website design, composing, graphic style or marketing doesn't hurt, but it's not necessary. A few of the best affiliates I've seen started totally from scratch.

In some ways it's even BETTER to have no previous knowledge. It means you do not need to unlearn any bad habits! Here are the important things you actually need to succeed as an affiliate:

  • Basic computer system skills and an internet connection.
  • Determination and perseverance.
  • A desire to learn brand-new things.
  • Patience: It's not a get-rich-quick scheme!

Reason # 4: Low, low startup costs

One of the greatest benefits of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to invest a lot of cash to begin. Imagine buying a bricks-and-mortar service: You'd most likely spend 10s of thousands of dollars on it, before you'll make a single cent! But for a bare-bones affiliate website, your initial expenses will be tiny: Just $10/year for a domain, and around $50/year for webhosting.

You can do basically everything yourself without investing any more, however lots of affiliates choose to hire individuals to do things like write short articles, design graphics, etc. It can often be a good investment to stop yourself from getting stuck on things you're not good at.

If you want all the hard stuff taken care for you, 12 Minute Affiliate system is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. This system is the internet's premiere done-for-tou system for anyone who is new to making money online. Here are some of the package that you'll get in the system:

  • Done-For-You affiliate sales funnels in the hottest niche markets so that ANYONE can have a new affiliate business up and running quickly.
  • Professionally written follow-up messages so that users of the system never have to figure out what/how to do copywriting.
  • Complete setup of the entire system so that even the newest "non-techie" person can see results quickly.
  • Ability to create custom affiliate funnels on demand so that more intermediate users have flexibility.
  • Easily builds an email list (the most valuable asset and internet marketer can have).
  • Monthly coaching and access to a a private Facebook group (so you're in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself).

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Do I Need to Build a Website?

Most of the rest of this guide is going to talk about how to build a website to make money as an affiliate. There are certainly ways to be an affiliate without building a website, but in my experience, building a website is more effective at generating a long-lasting passive income.

The 4 Steps To Building a Successful Affiliate Website

There are lots of smaller actions involved in building an affiliate website and getting it generating income. Typically these are the four primary "stages" you'll go through:

1. Marketing research

The initial step is to determine what affiliate products you're going to promote, how you're going to promote it, and whether it will pay! This is market research. This is a truly essential step, because if you get it wrong you could wind up dedicating months of effort to something that will not ever make you cash.

2. Build your website

Having actually chosen the subject and products you're going to concentrate on, the next step is to develop your website This isn't as tough as it may sound. There are a lot of simple tools nowadays that provide you a professional looking website.

3. Get visitors to your website

No visitors = no sales! This is likely to be where you commit the most of your efforts after you've built your site. There are lots of techniques for getting individuals to visit your site. Some will offer you an instantaneous traffic boost, while others are longer-term strategies.

4. Optimize your site for sales

A couple of tricks can make it so that visitors to your website are most likely to purchase something.

Tips For Succeeding As An Affiliate

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you need to equip yourself with the ideal mindset from the word "go". Here's how:

1. Set an objective and keep it in focus

Offer yourself something to aim for. Document where you wish to be in 6 months: How much passive income do you wish to be generating? How many sites do you want to build? How many short articles do you want to write for your blog sites?

2. Balance study and action

There are a lot of resources, sites and specialists on the subject of earning money online. There are likewise numerous different methods to do it, however the only method you'll ever succeed with any of them is to see ONE through to the end.

We're not stating to keep a closed mind to new ideas and techniques, but make sure you balance your study with real, tangible action. Try to invest 20 percent of your time learning, and 80 percent of your time really DOING. If you purchase a course, or sign up for a specific strategy, make sure you actually go through with it. Don't fill your computer system-- or your head-- with courses you've never ever finished.

3. Be patient and enjoy the flight!

Your affiliate empire will not happen after a couple of days sitting in front of your computer system. Give yourself a chance! Stick with it.There is no point fretting about what might or might not happen in the future. If you hit a problem, take it in your stride. 

If you want all the hard stuff taken care for you, 12 Minute Affiliate system is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. This system is the internet's premiere done-for-tou system for anyone who is new to making money online. Here are some of the package that you'll get in the system:

  • Done-For-You affiliate sales funnels in the hottest niche markets so that ANYONE can have a new affiliate business up and running quickly.
  • Professionally written follow-up messages so that users of the system never have to figure out what/how to do copywriting.
  • Complete setup of the entire system so that even the newest "non-techie" person can see results quickly.
  • Ability to create custom affiliate funnels on demand so that more intermediate users have flexibility.
  • Easily builds an email list (the most valuable asset and internet marketer can have).
  • Monthly coaching and access to a a private Facebook group (so you're in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself).

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Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls You Need To Avoid

We're not suggesting to be unfavorable here, however there are a few common traps that brand-new affiliates frequently fall into. If you're conscious of them, you can nip them in the bud before they undermine your business.

Pitfall # 1: "Analysis paralysis"

The Pitfall: When you're a rookie affiliate marketer, it's simple to get stuck on small details. Maybe you invest two weeks looking into domain names, or you get slowed down and confused by keyword research study. Your momentum stalls, time ticks by, and you may end up giving up before you even get going!

The Solution: Maintaining momentum is much more crucial than getting things exactly right. Treat your first affiliate site as your "test" website, and do not expect it to be 100% best. If you find yourself getting stuck on something or procrastinating over something difficult, look for a method to move past it. You can even delve into some online forum and ask, "is this crucial?" We'll let you know!

Pitfall # 2: "Shiny things syndrome"

The Pitfall: Almost every new affiliate can admit to suffering from this! It's the habit of getting distracted by every new product or system that comes along.

The Solution: If you begin a training course, make sure you work all of it the way to the end. This is the only way you'll actually get any benefit about it. If you're following a system ... complete it. Half-finished systems won't make you any money!

If required, cut down on the number of mailing lists you're on, or the number of blogs you check out. There are hundreds of ways to make money on the internet, however at this point you just need ONE. Choose one, and then give it a chance to work!

Pitfall # 3: Unrealistic expectations

The Pitfall: Many affiliates dream of becoming millionaires overnight. Building a great passive income as an affiliate is absolutely possible, and it's much easier and faster than building a conventional business.

The Solution: A little point of view adjustment is all you need here.

Think of it by doing this: Traditionally if you wanted a great income, you'd study to become a medical professional (or some other highly-paid expert). You would not give up within your first month of study, complaining that you weren't making any money yet, would you? You'd realize that getting to that high salary requires years of study.

As an affiliate, there's definitely the possibility of earning as much as our doctor friends. You will need to put in SOME work and spend SOME time before you get it. Stick with it, set realistic goals, and view success as a marathon, not a sprint.

Pitfall # 4: Going for the "quick buck"

The Pitfall: Trying to find "loopholes" or fast ways to get results. You may see products that claim to be "the secret XYZ doesn't want you to know about," or that promise to get you onto the front page of Google with just a few quick automations.

The risk here is that you'll invest time or money into something, and it won't actually help you. It may even hurt your business. We've seen affiliates hop from one dirty trick to the next, always looking for the "easy way". It never ends up working long-term, and it's extremely disheartening for them to have to start from scratch every time another quick trick fails.

The Solution: In this case it's best to stick by the old mantra, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". If something promises you fast results that you probably don't really deserve, it will either a) not work, or b) be a temporary boost that won't work for very long-- and then you'll be back where you started. Be wary of claims that a particular tool or strategy will result in money pouring into your accounts overnight. The reviews are often written by affiliates!

Pitfall # 5: Building too many sites too quickly

The Pitfall: Building multiple sites straight away thinking, "more sites will make more money." Then, when none of the sites have been given the full attention needed, they flop.

The Solution: Start with just one affiliate website, and build it like a home. Build your website to last. Once it is established and optimized, then move on to the next one.

Picking A Niche

Now we are ready to get started and dive into one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing-- choosing your "niche" and deciding on the affiliate products you're going to promote.

Niche research

Your "niche" is the general topic for your website. Like "dog training" or "online dating for women". You'll usually build a website around this topic, and promote affiliate products related to that topic.

Don't make the mistake of choosing your niche topic without checking if there are any good affiliate products first. No matter how fantastic your website is, you're not going to make money if there's nothing to promote!

Instead it's best to approach it from the other direction: Look at the available affiliate products first, and then zero in on a niche based on these products. For instance, if you see a lot of affiliate products for paleo recipes, you could decide to build a website about how to adopt a paleo lifestyle and become a "modern day caveman".

A good place to begin searching for affiliate products is at ClickBank.com. ClickBank is an affiliate network with countless digital products you can promote as an affiliate. For more information on precisely what you should be trying to find here, this article "Find Your Niche and Make Money Online" covers this chapter's topic in much greater information.

The first step in discovering excellent products to promote is to search for products that are currently selling well for other affiliates. This indicates that those products will most likely sell well for you, too!

This is really simple to check in ClickBank utilizing the Gravity filter. This is generally a step of how many different affiliates are making sales of this product. We suggest setting this to a minimum of 6 to omit all the products that are not selling well.

Next, take a look at just how much you'll earn from a product. ClickBank provides you a range of numbers to look at:

  • Initial $ Per Sale: This is just how much you make per sale before any "back-end" purchases are included. It'll be your cut of the purchase rate that you see on the sales page for the item.
  • Average % Per Sale: This is the commission percentage that you earn.
  • Average $ Per Sale: This is the essential figure. It can be substantially higher than the "Initial $ Per Sale" because products will frequently make offers to their customers who have actually bought the first item. They might upsell them to a "Pro" version of software, or offer great deals on their other products to acquire as a bundle.

Products might also sell a subscription, which earns you regular monthly commissions instead of a one-off commission. All these come together to offer you the "Average $ Per Sale". You might not make this much from every consumer, however this is what you can expect gradually.

When you're trying to find products to promote, we suggest you try to find products with an average $ per sale of at least $15, and a commission rate of at least 50%. This item has an "Initial $ per sale" of $38.04, however an "Average $ per sale" of $85.49. This means that an affiliate will generally make more than two times the preliminary commission amount!

We also suggest looking for a minimum of three products that you could envision promoting on your site. It doesn't matter if not all your products meet all these requirements, so long as at least a number of them do. (But naturally, the more products you can discover that fulfill these requirements, the better your possibilities of making good cash!).

Can you be successful by promoting just one product?

I get asked this a lot, and while it's possible, however not really advised. This would be a case of "putting all your eggs in one basket." You hurt your chances of making excellent cash if that product does not end up selling well and you don't have any others.

Another reason it's good to have a few products to promote: You can make multiple sales to your visitors! This ends up being especially rewarding if you run a newsletter, where you routinely email people about various products.

When you've found a minimum of 3 excellent products you wish to promote, and they're all around a certain subject, you've found your specific niche! The next action is to have a look at what else is going on because subject, so you can see how competitive it is.

Getting around competition with sub-niches

New affiliates are typically concerned about how competitive a specific niche is. Is it so hard that you're going to be fighting an uphill battle simply to get any visitors to your website? It's true that where there's a lot of cash to be made, there will generally be a lot of other individuals trying to get their piece of the pie. But this does not mean you ought to stay away! On the contrary-- lots of competitors signifies a great specific niche!

A great deal of competition just indicates that the more apparent marketing methods will be a bit harder-- especially if you're trying to get visitors to your site through search engines like Google. The easiest way to dodge the competitors in a competitive market is to get a bit more specific. Instead of focusing on a topic like "weight loss" (an extremely lucrative and very competitive specific niche), you can concentrate on "weight-loss after pregnancy," or "weight loss for men." This is called a "sub-niche.".

A sub-niche of a massive niche can still be wonderfully rewarding, and still have a LOT of interest. If you discover a niche that seems to be extremely competitive, see whether you can dig a little deeper.

Is your niche evergreen?

Imagine that a while ago you built an affiliate website promoting VCR repair work manuals. Do you believe you'd still be making a lot of sales? Imagine you developed a website about developing excellent Halloween outfits. Do you think you'd get numerous visitors to your site in February?

When we talk about "evergreen" niches, we're talking about topics that are ALWAYS going to be popular. We strongly recommend that you choose an evergreen niche to concentrate on, so that you can have an asset that will continue to make you cash throughout the year (unlike your Halloween website), and for years and years to come (unlike your VCR repair work website).

People are always going to need to lose weight, so a weight loss website is "evergreen". There will constantly be terribly acted canines, so a canine training site is "evergreen". There will always be individuals with relationship troubles, so a dating or relationships site would be "evergreen".

A good test of whether a topic is evergreen is to ask yourself: Were people interested in this subject 10 years earlier? Will they still be interested in it 10 years from now? If the response is "yes", you've probably got an evergreen specific niche on your hands!

P.S. If you are searching for a substantial variety of evergreen specific niche ideas, the 12 Minute Affiliate systen by Davon Brown has "ready-to-use" lucrative evergreen niches, and gives you a great deal of specific niche research and contents to help develop your affiliate website.

Building Your Website

The next phase of affiliate marketing includes developing a website from which you will promote your affiliate products. These days it's in fact quite simple to get a website online, even if you've never done it in the past. There are lots of tools offered that make it a lot less difficult. 

If you want all the hard stuff taken care for you, 12 Minute Affiliate system is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. This system is the internet's premiere done-for-tou system for anyone who is new to making money online. Here are some of the package that you'll get in the system:

  • Done-For-You affiliate sales funnels in the hottest niche markets so that ANYONE can have a new affiliate business up and running quickly.
  • Professionally written follow-up messages so that users of the system never have to figure out what/how to do copywriting.
  • Complete setup of the entire system so that even the newest "non-techie" person can see results quickly.
  • Ability to create custom affiliate funnels on demand so that more intermediate users have flexibility.
  • Easily builds an email list (the most valuable asset and internet marketer can have).
  • Monthly coaching and access to a a private Facebook group (so you're in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself).

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Step 1: Register a domain name.

The initial step is to pick a name for your website, and acquire a domain. A domain name is your website address, as in www.yourdomain.com. Fortunately is that domain names are low-cost (usually around $10/year), and help offer your website an air of authority and credibility. The bad news is that a lot of the good ones are already taken. Choosing a domain is an essential step given that it is essentially your company name from here on out, so a lot of people wind up getting stuck on this action-- analysis paralysis strikes!

Step 2: Get some webhosting.

Your webhosting would be the real shop building if you envision that your domain name is like the signs on the front of a shop. It's the place where you store all your website's files, images and content, so that people can see it on the web.

A great deal of people get stuck on choosing a webhosting company-- do not let that be you! At the end of the day, the majority of webhosting will be completely fine for getting started. As soon as your website grows and more popular, you may want to think of whether you're happy with your hosting.

Decide for a month-to-month payment strategy (rather than buying for a whole year up front) up until you're sure you're pleased if you're worried. You can move your website to a new host if you do choose you hate your host later on. Often your new host will enjoy to help you move everything over.

A couple of things to be on the keep an eye out for when picking a web hosting service provider:.

  • What is the webhosting's advertised uptime? 99.9% uptime is the minimum you should accept.
  • What is the quality of their client support? If they have it before handing over your cash, send a few queries or try their live chat.
  • How much storage area will you have? Go for a minimum 5 GB of storage space.
  • How much does it cost? You can get reasonable hosting for $5/month or less (for one site). You can likewise get strategies where you can host several sites for no greater than $10/month. Look around!

Step 3: Set up WordPress to build your website 

WordPress is among the most popular and user-friendly ways to get a professionallooking website online-- even if you're not very technically smart. It's essentially a software that you can install on your site that allows you to add content and alter the way your website looks.

WordPress is totally FREE, and it has a huge neighborhood behind it, so you'll discover a great deal of tools and supports to help you. A lot of web hosts will have an easy way for you to set up WordPress on your website. If you're not sure, this is a great question to ask a hosting company before you sign up.

Crucial: There are actually two type of WordPress: There's a free version that you install hosting and domain by yourself, and then there's WordPress.com which costs a month-to-month subscription to use. Don't get them baffled!

Knowing WordPress: We suggest that you invest a long time on the official WordPress lessons database. These lessons cover every topic imaginable related to WordPress.

You'll also discover a lot of WordPress tutorials all over the web if you get stuck. You might try YouTube or Udemy for video lessons, or a routine old Google search. (P.S: One of the great things about using WordPress to build your website exists are LOADS of tutorials out there currently!).

The help and lessons database on WordPress.org. There's great deals of technical info here for building your WordPress site. You can also look for tutorials in Google-- There are lots!

What to Put on Your Website?

It's time to flesh it out with some content when you've got your bare-bones site set up. The content on your site serves two primary purposes:.

  • To attract individuals to your website.
  • To persuade people to buy the products you're promoting!

How does content bring in people to your website?

There are two essential methods which having excellent short articles, conversations, reviews and other content can help bring in people to your website:

  1. Sharing and referrals: If you make something truly excellent and intriguing, people will share your content with their buddies. They might publish it on Facebook or share it on Twitter. Individuals will click on it, and visit your website. Success!
  2. The online search engine: Your content can also be found by individuals searching on Google or other online search engine. If you have an article on pet dog hostility on your site, somebody who searches for "pet aggression" in Google may find your site. You have lots of possibilities to be found in the search engines if your site is complete of lots of articles on different topics.

There are lots of things you can do to enhance your "rankings" in the search engines, and it's a truly big topic with quite a lot to discover. A lot of it is uncertainty too.

Regardless of whether you're attempting to get shares/referrals or online search engine rankings, the thing that will help you most of all is developing truly excellent content. Your visitors aren't going to share your things if it's boring, normal, or doesn't make sense, and the search engines can inform when individuals are enjoying your content and finding it helpful. So make it good!

... And then how do you convince individuals to purchase?

The technique here is to draw in the best kinds of people. All you really need to do is point out the product if you draw in the kind of individuals who would be interested in purchasing the affiliate product you're promoting. The possibility that somebody will be thinking about purchasing something is what we call "buyers intent". You want to draw in people with HIGH "buyer intent".

The most convenient method to attract individuals with high "buyer intent" is to develop content on your site that they'd have an interest in. If you're promoting a book called "Dog Training 101", then you might produce some posts on your website about dog aggressiveness, barking, digging, and other pet dog habits problems. These short articles will bring in individuals who are having problems with their canine's habits, and these people are probably going to be interested in buying a pet dog training book to help them. (These individuals are HIGH buyer intent!).

Inside your articles you could suggest that if the reader desires more help with solving their canine habits problems, you highly suggest they purchase a copy of "Dog Training 101"-- and you link to the book with your affiliate link. You get a commission if somebody purchases it. In addition to drawing in individuals with problems, you can also try attracting people who are already thinking about purchasing the item. By developing product reviews. Typically when someone is believing of purchasing something, they'll look for reviews.

How do you develop content if you can't write?

Not everybody have enough writing capability (or time, or understanding of the subject) to be able to write our own articles. It might surprise you to know that most professional affiliates won't write their own stuff either! They employ a writer to do it for them.

There are a couple of excellent locations to work with authors. Have a look at the sites listed below:

Posting your contents or articles

As soon as you've created your website content, the last piece of the puzzle is to get them onto your website. Go to "Add new post" in WordPress, go into the title and content for your post, and you're all set to go! It's a good idea to add some nice pictures to your articles. You can search Google for "free stock images" or "free stock photography" and a great deal of sites will appear for you to check out.

You can also go to sites like iStock to buy images. Relatively, websites like Creative Market supply fewer images, but they are in basic artistic and very nice, along with big and economical. Often you will be able to discover what you need at Free Images or Morguefile. This is unethical, and can get you in trouble. These are also subject to copyright, since Google is just displaying images it has found on other websites.

Other types of content

Articles are the most typical content types for affiliate marketing, however feel free to branch out and experiment with other media types if they interest you. You might look into more visual formats such as:

  • Infographics
  • Comic Strips/Cartoons
  • Video Blogs (Vlogs).

The primary objective is to provide your audience something of value to them. Do they want to be amused? Do they want a solution to a problem? Is there something they could really use?

Email Marketing ("The Money is in The List!")

Dipping your toes into email marketing can be a great way of increasing your earnings once you've got your website set up. It allows you to make more sales to more people, and even generate a substantial flood of commissions simply from an email or two!

How does e-mail marketing work? The objective with e-mail marketing is to develop yourself a "list" of people who you can email. You could do this by telling people to sign up for your newsletter, or by giving people a free book or download-- all they need to do is enter their name and email.

Once someone is subscribed to your list, you can email them to speak about other affiliate products they may like. Even if that person never returns to your website, you can still keep talking to them, and keep selling things to them through your email newsletter. 

If you want all the hard stuff taken care for you, 12 Minute Affiliate system is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. This system is the internet's premiere done-for-tou system for anyone who is new to making money online. Here are some of the package that you'll get in the system:

  • Done-For-You affiliate sales funnels in the hottest niche markets so that ANYONE can have a new affiliate business up and running quickly.
  • Professionally written follow-up messages so that users of the system never have to figure out what/how to do copywriting.
  • Complete setup of the entire system so that even the newest "non-techie" person can see results quickly.
  • Ability to create custom affiliate funnels on demand so that more intermediate users have flexibility.
  • Easily builds an email list (the most valuable asset and internet marketer can have).
  • Monthly coaching and access to a a private Facebook group (so you're in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself).

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Why should you do it? Because you build a relationship with your subscribers, 

  • You make more sales. They trust your opinion, and they're more likely to buy the important things you suggest. You can sell multiple things to the very same individual over a long period of time. You keep talking to them, they keep purchasing!
  • You can do all this even. You've "caught" them, and you can keep talking with them! When you add new content to your website,you can let people know. This can give you an increase in publicity, and help that content really take off. Even if your traffic sources dry up (e.g., if your online search engine rankings drop and you stop getting visitors from the online search engine), you can keep generating income.
  • You can let your customers know when there are promos and launcheshappening, and make HUGE commissions when everybody hurries to buy!
  • You can partner with other sites for some mutually-beneficial backscratching: You promote them to your subscribers, and they promote you right back.
  • You might (eventually) offer marketing in your newsletter, and make a little extra money that way.
  • Best of all: It's simple to set up your emailing so that it is absolutely automated. Your e-mails can go out instantly, and make you cash automatically. Easy!

What do you need to start?

Email marketing doesn't take much to get started, but here are the fundamentals:

  • A free gift: You need to provide individuals an excellent reason to register to your newsletter. Simply stating "register for my newsletter!" isn't enough! Your incentive could be a free ebook, free "report", interview, mini-course, something, or video else.
  • A sign-up form: This is the form on your website where individuals can enter their e-mail address to join your list.
  • An autoresponder membership: An autoresponder is a service that drip-feeds your e-mails to your customers so that you do not need to manually send out each email. The most popular services for this includes Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp.
  • The content for your e-mails: This is the hardest part: You're basically creating a lot of new posts, and it can be costly or time-consuming to get them all composed. 12 Minute Affiliate system package covers this issue: It gives you a ready-to-use worth of emails written by specialist marketers, with affiliate promos currently built in.

Final words on email marketing

Newsletters need to be truly great to be reliable: Remember that you're trying to develop a relationship with your readers, so you need to give them genuine worth so that they trust you. This is particularly important in the first 10 e-mails.

Your subscribers can unsubscribe if you irritate them, so try to be subtle when you're promoting products. Nobody likes a sales pitch. Mix your promos into your e-mails as casually and seamlessly as possible.

Getting Visitors to Your Website

Getting people to your website is necessary to making money as an affiliate. No visitors means no sales, which means no money for you! You'll discover that a lot of your energy as an affiliate is devoted to getting more visitors to your website. Here are a few methods you might try.

1. Search engine optimization (or SEO).

As we discussed earlier in this article, SEO is the art of getting your site to appear near the top of the search engine results when somebody look for a particular word or phrase. When you "rank" well, you get more visitors from the search engines.

Pros: It's totally free. If you rank well for popular search terms, you can get a lot of visitors. It's easy to "target" particular kinds of problems or people, so you can draw in the kind of people who will buy what you're promoting.

Cons: You could be waiting months to see any movement in where your website ranks in the search engines. It can be competitive and occasionally near impossible for some of the more popular topics.

With SEO you're also susceptible to search engine algorithm updates: Sometimes they shake up the way they calculate rankings, and you can fall to the bottom of the list over night. (The simplest method to prevent this is to avoid taking the "simple route" with questionable tools, services, "loopholes" and so on. , if it sounds too good to be true-- it is!).

2. Paid traffic.

If you don't have the time or persistence for SEO, then paying for advertisements to get visitors to your website might be a better way to go.

Pros: It's instant, so you can start getting traffic sooner. You can often get by with less website content, and just focus on the parts that make you money.

Cons: It costs money! For a great deal of affiliates starting out, this is a huge problem. It can also take some experimentation before you discover something that works well for you, and you should expect to burn through a bit of money figuring it out. If you're not very experienced as an affiliate it can be difficult to zero in on what's going wrong (or right!).

Note: The primary kind of paid advertising you will stumble upon is pay-per-click advertising (PPC). This is a large topic.

3. Social Network Marketing.

Social media marketing is marketing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It can be quickly like PPC, and (mainly) complimentary like SEO. Sound great? Let's see ...

Pros: There's big potential to reach a great deal of individuals on social networks. We've all heard of things "going viral"-- social media is how that virus spreads. Individuals are much more likely to be interested in your content if it has actually been recommended by a friend. It doesn't cost anything to tweet your content out there, or share it on Facebook. (although there can be some costs associated with promoting your posts).

Cons: The hardest part is producing content or coming up with commentary that resonates with your audience. People do not share things they discover mediocre, so you need to be clever, intriguing, amusing, or mind-blowing to get individuals's attention. Social media also works best if you can do it routinely, so it can be time-consuming. It's not a set-and-forget approach of promo.

The primary social networks platforms are as follows:.

  • Facebook: It is the second most-visited website in the world (only Google receives more visitors than Facebook). Start a page for your website as a brand, and then get active! The goal is to entice targeted traffic from Facebook through to your website.
  • Twitter: Twitter is the home of bite-sized information sharing. Create an account for your website as a brand, and make use of @mentions and #hashtags to get your website noticed.

4. Kindle E-Book Traffic.

You can write or outsource short reports and ebooks to attract traffic from the Amazon Kindle marketplace. You will place links to your website within the content wherever relevant, and mention your brand in the header or footer notes.

This strategy is especially powerful when you partner up with the Amazon KDP Select program, where you grant Amazon exclusive rights to distribute your ebook for three months. With this program, Amazon allows you to give away your ebook for free for the first five days, which can do wonders for your traffic. Everyone loves a free ebook!

When your website is all set up and your articles are ready to go, your virtual property is 95 percent finished-- the scaffolding has just been removed. Now it is time to optimize your website for sales!.

How to Make More Sales

Getting people to your website is one thing, but as an affiliate you'll only make money if you can get those visitors to actually purchase and go something. How do you get the most money out of your visitors?

1. Make sure you add your affiliate link.

First things first: Make sure you've got your affiliate link in your page, and that it is clickable. Your affiliate link is what lets the merchant know that you sent them that visitor. You can grab your affiliate link by visiting the affiliate program website (or ClickBank, if it's a ClickBank product).

Here's what a ClickBank affiliate link looks like:.


Copy the following HopLink HTML code and add it to your web page:

Click Here!

In this case, you can either grab the top (black) website address and add it into your website using the "insert link" button, or you can grab the bottom (blue) link and paste it into your page when you're in "text" (or "source code") view. Just change the words "Click here!" to say whatever you want the link to say. That being the bare minimum, if you want to increase the chances of making more sales, there are a few extra steps you can take ...

2. Build your link into your articles.

Do you have an article on your website that talks about how you can stop a dog from digging? Do you know of an affiliate product that ALSO talks about good ways to stop dogs digging, and a whole lot more besides?

Why not try casually mentioning this in the course of your article? Like this: "I've given you a few tips to help stop your dog digging, but since digging can be a sign of deeper issues in your dog's behavior, I highly recommend DogTrainerProExpress. It gets the root of your dog's behavior problems, and offers a much more detailed guide to stopping digging problems.".

In one little paragraph, you've made the connection between the problem your visitor is having, and the product that will solve it. Your audience is much more likely to click on that link than a big flashing banner at the top of your page.

3. Be careful with banners.

Speaking of banners and other ads, these are one of the less effective ways of promoting an affiliate product on your site. Well it's safe to say that most web users will have seen a banner or two in their lifetimes. If you put a banner on your page promoting a product, there's a good chance people will just ignore it.

If you really want your visitors to pay attention to the product you're recommending, you need to show them why it's relevant to what they need RIGHT NOW. The best way to do this is to just to tell them, in words. Explain to them like you'd explain it to a friend. "You're having this problem? Oh, here are some things you can do, but if you really want to get to the bottom of it I'd recommend [product name]" This is much more effective than a banner.

4. Have a link toward the top of the page.

Don't put all your affiliate links at the end of your article. This assumes that visitors will read all the way down to the bottom. A lot of people are in a hurry, or just don't like reading, so don't be afraid to put a link closer to the top of the page as well as at the bottom.

You can word it like, "I'm about to give you some great tips, but if you want even more advice I highly recommend you check out [product name] These guys are the pros on this topic, and this book is superb.".

5. Give people something to do at the end.

When someone reaches the bottom of a page on your website ... what do you want them to do next? Many affiliates waste this opportunity by leaving it empty. Visitors finish reading an article and then just hit the "back" button because there's nothing else for them to do!

If you 'd like people to click through to an affiliate product, have a quick blurb (like the ones above), telling them about the product. If you 'd like them to sign up for your newsletter, have a signup box (and explain why it will help them with the problem they're currently having). Whatever you do, give them something to do!

6. Target the people who already want to buy.

As mentioned earlier in this article, it's a good idea to focus on attracting the kind of people who will buy the product you're promoting. Have a think about the kinds of people who would be interested in buying, and then create content to attract them.

There's a particular kind of content that does a really good job of attracting people who are ready to buy something: Product reviews. People who already know about a product and have probably already seen the product's sales page will often search for "Product X review" or "CompanyName review" before they buy. You've probably done this yourself in the past. So, as an affiliate, if you can create a review of that product that reassures them that the product is good, there's a good chance you'll make an easy sale.

There's another group of people who are also easy to sell to: People who know they need something but are not yet sure which product to buy. These people will often search for things like "best dog training books" or "best online Spanish course". They're looking for someone to tell them which one they should buy.

If you could create a list of good products, with a blurb about who they're suitable for and why they're great, and then link to the merchant's website, that's an easy sell. A lot of affiliates make a fair proportion of their sales from product reviews. It's usually relatively easy to rank well in the search engines for product reviews too.

Where To From Here?

This article is only the beginning of the knowledge to be gained. So what happens from here? Don't just sit there-- take action! Remember that the biggest obstacles to success are things like procrastination, distraction, "analysis paralysis" and losing motivation. You need to keep that momentum going!

Expect that some things might be trickier than others, and that you WILL make mistakes. Each mistake is a hugely valuable learning experience for you, so don't be scared of them! The people who get the most success as affiliates are the ones who just keep bashing through, making mistakes and learning. Hopefully that will be you!

I'm here to help! Get faster results with further training. If you want all the hard stuff taken care for you, 12 Minute Affiliate system is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running. Choose from various guaranteed-profitable niches, and you'll get all the ingredients for building a hugely effective affiliate site. Best of luck with everything, and I hope to see you around!