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One of the easiest and legitimate way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. If you want to learn and get to know how the pros do it I’ve got just the thing! The short guide in this homepage of my blog will teach you 5 simple steps on how to use your blog, social media accounts, and other digital tools to promote products leveraging affiliate marketing strategy.

I’m not going to go into details of what online business is, how you can sign up on different online business networks and start promoting products. I am going to assume you already know how to do that. If you don’t; Google is your best friend to ask and great place to find it out.

The things that I’m going to tell you here are very unorthodox and I’m sure that most of the strategies that I’m about to share here are something most marketers would religiously recommend you go against.

Step #1: Find an Affiliate or Reseller Program for a Product You Use Daily.

Yeah, no I’m not going to recommend you to promote several different products, what I’m going to recommend you is; look up the tools/apps/software/WP plugin/course you use almost on a daily basis and find one of its affiliate/reseller program.

Why only 1 product and why something you use daily? That would be a bit clearer in a moment. For me, that product can be 12 Minute Affiliate System , simply because:


  • It’s GREAT and hugely powerful system that has helped me so far build niche sites as my “money-making machines” that earn me a steady income online on autopilot promoting various affiliate products from various marketplaces automatically.
  • I use it to run my affiliate business and build my niche sites empire (almost) daily and know it like the back of my hand.

Don’t just take my words for it, you can check out 12 Minute Affiliate System here now!

Step #2: Setup a Blog.

Use whatever CMS you’re comfortable using and setup a blog (I personally prefer WordPress for its ease of use). The goal behind this blog will be strictly targeting that particular product you have chosen. Spend some time setting everything up properly, making sure the layout and design looks good and not something done by an amateur.

You can start your WordPress site setup with a premium theme! Use this great system as a “short-cut” to quickly build your money-making affiliate sites and run your online business empire in a very short time.

Step #3: Setup a YouTube and Facebook Profile.

Again, something very simple, subtle and easy to do. Take a few minutes to create a proper bio and banner etc. Again, targeting only that particular product. On Facebook I recommend using, personal profile. “Put a face behind the product” – it will build more trust with (potential) consumers.

So – you have the Product, a blog and social media channel(s) – what’s next?

Well, now comes the boring part which will separate the winners from the losers, the people that follow this next step consistently over at least the next 30 days will see their first sale. Just remember this is not a get rich quick scheme!

Step #4: Start Content Production.

The whole goal behind picking a product that you use daily was because you will know the ins and outs of the product like no one else. Now, the task is to start producing content regarding that product. Honestly, you don’t have to be an expert – there will always be someone who is better at something than you. You just have to be 1 step ahead of the 80% users to come across as an ‘expert’.

What form of content? It can be anything, it can be everything.

  • Videos: On-camera, slideshows, screen recordings.
  • Text: Informative (long-form) blog posts, simple hacks, Facebook posts.
  • Pictures: Illustrations showing specific product features, infographics.

Produce a lot of content! 2-6 Pieces of content per day is a good starting point. Find an online community of the product you are reselling, you can not only promote yourself in that community but you can also find content ideas by seeing what the users are struggling with the most.

If you don’t have enough time to create contents yourself you can leverage someone else’s skill to do the task. There are lots of gigs out there who are willing to do the task for you. Outsource them for the tasks! 

Step # 5: Content Distribution.

The most stupid thing people do after producing their content is sit there and pray that someone will come and visit their article/video etc. No, Josh, God’s not going to send you views to your website and videos. You need to promote that content to make sure people will find it.

Now, how do you do that? There are a few different techniques.

  • Find where the users are: Look, there’s always someplace the product community is on – in some cases it’s online forums, in most cases, it’s Facebook groups.
  • Try doing a quick Facebook search with the product name and see what kind of results come out. Join related group(s) where people are looking for something that your affiliate product might be offering and publish your content in those groups.

Important: Your content shouldn’t simply be a review video or a piece of an article that tells why they should immediately buy the product. Instead, it should be helpful content with a soft pitch at the end. Share content that people will genuinely find helpful. 


Follow this plan consistently for the next 30 days. Do all those 5 simple steps and follow them through consistently for 30 days and you will see the result. Be patient and persistent as these are not the things you’ll be able to do. In life; the most important skills you can learn are patience and consistency. Results will follow after that.

Finally, if you’re someone who thinks that you already knew everything that I shared in this page and yet you’re not making sales online. You’re simply not putting in the work. Let’s be real. Knowledge is of no use until put into work practically.

Too many people complex affiliate marketing thinking that it’s only the gurus who can get it to work for them. And that is not true at all. Anyone with a good work ethic, a bit of knowledge and a LOT of commitment will be able to ‘make it online’.

Like that quote goes: “You reap what you sow”. What are you sowing today that you will reap tomorrow? I promise you these simple to follow 5 steps will make you money if you put in the work and have patience. I hope you learned something today. Take your time to read my brief review of 12 Minute Affiliate System.