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The growing online popularity of videos has opened up big doors to those who are a YouTube affiliate. Just the reality that Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion dollars provides you a concept how big this online video platform has actually become. Numerous have currently taken advantage of this financially rewarding chance. You can see your commissions go through the roof too if you become a YouTube affiliate.


5 Effective for Starting and Growing A YouTube Channel from Scratch


I’ve received numerous concerns from my subscribers relating to how I managed to grow and monetize my specific niche YouTube channel. Actually the concepts that I followed do apply to anybody wishing to do well with natural traffic from YouTube. If I wished to sell a physical product, or a variety of physical items, I ‘d follow a similar strategy. Here are my top 5 suggestions for starting and growing a YouTube channel from scratch.

1. Discover A Way to Get to 1000 Subscribers

I took months to get to 1000 subscribers. Then I finally sucked it up and advertised a few of my videos as ‘discovery’ videos. I discovered that it costed me about $1 per new subscriber to the channel. And I simply left ads running until I reached 1000 customers.

Nothing occurred right away, but within 4 weeks, my videos began taking off a lot quicker. And within 8 weeks, I was unexpectedly overcoming 300 subscribers each day, and within a month of that it was up to 500 plus per day.

I believe that YouTube doesn’t want to be the ‘guinea pig’ and take little risk with brand-new channels that have refrained from doing anything to develop customers. However by paying a little and getting to over 1000, and then getting metrics showing the average watch time is respectable… Likes to dislikes are good, etc (due to quality content).

2. Collect Emails and Mail Them Your New Videos

I’ve found that by handing out a free stuff in each of the videos, and then mailing that email list each time we release a brand-new video has enabled each brand-new video to acquire velocity right away.

Yes, YouTube will show our videos to those who subscribed to our channel. It’s sending such a favorable signal to YouTube when individuals are willing to go back and view more videos even without being sent there by YouTube.

I believe this has provided me a competitive advantage over other channels in this niche, and we have the fastest growing channel in the space.

In order to capture emails efficiently, make sure to put the link to the free stuff in the 2nd or first line of the description (so that it still shows on the sneak peek of the description).

3. Foster Curiosity

It’s actually important that curiosity is focused on. At the start of the video, you need to get individuals to wonder about a few things. You need to set the premise of the video (what are you looking to find out by the end?). And likewise what is coming up in the video itself. Often we’ve found that ‘list’ type videos work the best, as naturally individuals want to get to find out what is number 1 in the list.

Another crucial area to foster interest is the thumbnail images. If individuals do not look at those and get curious adequate to click them at a high rate, then YouTube also will disappoint them in the ‘suggested videos’ area, and then you won’t get a lot of views. Thumbnail style and curiosity is of vital importance.

4. Maintain High Standards of Video Editing and Content

I’ve tried out different standards of video editing and I’ve discovered that channels that have bad editing and/or quick and short content, have actually refrained from doing well for me (yet). You might discover channels out there with effective 5 minute videos, however it’s difficult to discover brand new channels doing well with videos that are so short nowadays.

It’s like how individuals used to have all these 500 word posts, and after that suddenly Google began preferring more richly dense posts. Ones that had higher ‘time on website’ and lower ‘bounce’ rates.

Now you see with google, mostly 2000+ word posts, are the ones that control in terms of ‘information’ type keyword searches. It’s becoming similar with YouTube, a minimum of in regards to newer channels.

We make sure to edit our videos to look great, and contain of well researched content. As a result we end up with a high average view time (6 minutes 30 seconds and above, for a 13 minutes video) and extremely high likes to dislikes ratio (about 97% and above most of the time). This sends favorable signals and has helped grow our trust within YouTube. Click here and learn how to earn from YouTube without creating your own videos now!

5. Regularly Release Videos at A Regular Basis

YouTube wants channels that live and breathe, not ones that just have a lot of videos that sit there. So by routinely keeping to releasing videos on a weekly basis, you’re sending a message that your channel lives, breathes and continues to grow.

It can take time for this to begin, as far as the algorithm is concerned, so it’s important to devote to keeping this rate for an extended time period. For me it took a number of months before our channel accomplished ‘lift off’ and all of a sudden YouTube started showing our videos to our ‘non subscribers’ to a huge degree. But now we get thousands of views every day from our non subscribers, which also helps grow our subscriber base.

These are my top 5 tips for starting and growing a YouTube channel from scratch. I think They can work for various kinds of channels. I like doing them for information topics and to promote information products. This would also work well for physical items.

Like if I wanted to sell coffee makers, then I’d be thinking of videos like:

  • Top 10 coffee makers to make cappuccino fast
  • 5 reasons why you should have a coffee maker.
  • 5 worst things to avoid when cleaning a coffee maker.
  • Best 5 types of coffee maker for making espresso fast.

And might easily make numerous videos that kept subtly pressing that coffee maker (or variety of coffee makers for different kinds of brand names or features).


Competition in the world of online business that’s promoting products or services in social media platforms like YouTube is getting more intense today. If you want to succeed in beating YouTube competition, the first thing that you need to do is to have a great screen casting or video making software to make a great video content for your channel.

If you want to make money online as a YouTube affiliate, you should know how to properly bait your potential customer with just sufficient information to get them starving. Get them wanting more and then make it so they want to follow your link to see what you have to offer.

Affiliates that are using YouTube can really boost sales and help generate a higher click through rate. There are lots of ways that YouTube can boost your affiliate marketing ventures. Make it a part of your marketing mix.