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After Google acquired YouTube in 2006, it has actually gone on to end up being the world's second biggest search engine. A current survey launched by HubSpot exposed that when offered an option between video or text, 72% of people chose the video to get more information about services or a product. With more than one billion users, knowing how to build a successful YouTube channel, can present some great chances for your online business.

As an ever-growing platform, YouTube has lots of engaged, active customers, and by executing it into your online marketing technique, you can find the chance to get in touch with a huge audience to spread brand awareness and grow your business. Only about 9% small businesses are using the power of YouTube, since they are daunted by the time and effort that is needed to be successful on the video platform. While anybody can establish a YouTube channel, having the ability to make it effective is a lot more challenging.


How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel

Having a successful YouTube channel doesn't mean making an insane viral video that provides you with just 5 minutes of popularity, however rather being able to produce a steady business model to help you develop an audience and grow your brand. This brief guide is for you if you're not afraid of the hard work that will have to go into developing a successful YouTube channel to boost your online business.

Specify Your Audience

Your focus should always be on the audience when it comes to having a successful YouTube channel for your online business. You need to understand who your target audience is, where they come from, what they like to do, and the type of videos they want to watch. You can't simply throw up a couple of videos and wish for the best. You need to make the effort to actually think about the reasons why you decided to start a YouTube channel. It could be because you want to show consumers what your products can do, or maybe you want to teach others how to do things, or perhaps you want to share your skill with people.

Your YouTube videos need to share your distinct message with your target audience, however before you can start to produce your content, you need to clearly determine who you want your message to reach. The more that you can specify your target audience, the more appealing audiences will discover your content. You can start to determine your target audience, by asking yourself some basic questions below:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • What do they want?
  • How can you satisfy their needs?

You need to know your target audience and use that knowledge to identify what solutions you can offer them and in what video format. You need to develop how you can satisfy that need through videos as soon as} you have specified your audience and determined their needs.

Making Your Videos

It will require you to produce videos that they really desire to see if you want to build a loyal audience on YouTube. The videos need to fill a need and should be ones that are valuable to your audiences. To produce YouTube videos that will draw in an engaged audience, there are three things that you need understand: your purpose, your setup, and your brand.


Understanding Your Purpose

As you think about the videos you want to produce, you need to understand that whatever you do need to be guided by the need to do better than what's already available on the platform. Prior to you run out and buy your devices and start refining the onscreen delivery you need to immerse yourself in YouTube culture. Understanding your purpose will help to shape how you produce your videos.

Understand Your Setup

If you want to be successful on YouTube, the quality of your videos is very important. While you need to have good lighting, clear audio, and sharp footage, that doesn't mean you have to run out and purchase the most recent and greatest video devices. Most Androids and iPhones are now capable of producing good quality videos at the press of the button. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you need to find a simple way to produce content regularly.

Know Your Brand

Having a good understanding of your brand identity will help you start and preserve a successful YouTube channel. There are various components in your videos that can help you interact your brand with your audience. Think about the impact of a background, the way you dress, and the way you speak. Your branding should guide all of your business marketing, including making videos for YouTube. A strong brand name will provide you with direction for your video marketing.

Optimize Your Videos

After you've produced your videos for your YouTube channel, the next step in the process is to properly optimize your content so that it ranks high in YouTube's search. Even if you've done everything right, it will be a waste of your time if people can't discover your videos online. Using some essential SEO techniques for YouTube will enable you to get your videos ranked near the top of search engine result. Having your videos rank high on YouTube and Google search engine result will make them more accessible to your target audience and help to increase subscriptions and views.

Keyword Optimization

The process of optimizing your YouTube videos begins with researching keywords for your videos. There are lots of tools online that can help you with this process, which will be extremely useful during this phase of the process. The objective of researching keywords is to put yourself in the shoes of your audiences and identify the words and phrases that they might use to search for content like yours. When you are brainstorming keyword ideas, start with board topics, like digital marketing, and then drill down to more specific phrases and long-tail keywords.

Video Details

The information that you provide for your video titles, tags, and descriptions helps YouTube identify if your content is relevant to a search. By adding optimized information, along with keywords in these three areas of your videos it can help enhance the exposure and rankings of your YouTube videos.


Evaluate Your Analytics

A big part of finding success on YouTube is evaluating your channel's analytics and make the necessary modifications. There is a lot of essential data in the analytics section of your creator studio, about how your audiences are engaging with your content. The following are a few of the important key areas that you will need to keep your eye on.

Retention Rate

If the majority of your audience is watching five minutes of your ten-minute video, the retention rate for that video would be 50 percent. YouTube will reward engaging videos that keep audiences watching, so you always want to get involved in good practices that will help you improve retention rates.

Watch Time

This is the total amount of time audiences spend enjoying your videos. As far as YouTube is concerned, videos that are enjoyed a lot must be pretty great. You can promote your channel as a method to improve the views and watch times of your videos. You can also improve this figure by encouraging audiences to continue enjoying your content.

Engagement Levels

The user engagement levels describe how people are interacting with your videos including:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Video like and dislikes
  • Number of comments received

You have to keep an eye on your analytics if you want your YouTube channel to be successful. The information you get here will be a considerable factor to your success.


Promoting Your Channel

The more attention you can give your YouTube channel when you are first starting out, the better. If you want to grow your audience and achieve success on YouTube, then you need to incorporate your channel across YouTube, as well as on external locations as a method to display your content. Here are a couple of techniques that can help you promote your channel.

Cross-Promote with Other YouTubers

You can integrate your competence with other YouTubers in your market to cross-promote your videos. When done properly, working together, engaging, and connecting with other content creators can expose your YouTube channel to new audiences and help to improve the exposure of your brand. Try to look for primary keywords in your niche and look at the channels of the YouTubers that appear on the first page of the search engine result.

Make The Most of Email Marketing

Promoting your YouTube videos to an email list enables you to directly and personally get in touch with your subscribers. You can encourage them to sign up for your email list with call-to-actions on your videos, social media networks, and website. The best way to get people to sign up with is by offering them a reward for their subscription to your email list. You can offer free downloads, exclusive content, giveaways or contests to new subscribers. Use this list to send out updates every time you publish a video.

Promote Your Videos on Social Media Network

To create social signals for your YouTube videos, you can promote them on your other social media networks. Your brand is probably already on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so by sharing your new videos on your established social accounts, you can make your videos more accessible to your audience and grow your channel. To make sure you remain successful on YouTube, you will need to continue to maintain your existence on the other social media platforms. You can do this by simply publishing links to your new videos, creating custom posts to highlight your newest videos, or creating teaser videos to promote your new content with greater interactivity.

Invest in YouTube Ads

YouTube allows business to buy ads to promote their videos to targeted audiences. Some content creators might have some reservations about investing money to promote their videos, however YouTube ads can be a fantastic method not only to promote your videos, but also oblige your audiences to subscribe to your channel, visit your site, share your content with their network, or buy your services or products. With a Google Ads campaign, you can reinforce your video marketing, grow your YouTube channel, and get your videos seen by a broader audience.



If your first few videos go unnoticed, don't give up. Continue to work hard to create engaging videos that will attract views and encourage your audience to stick with you. Starting a YouTube channel for your online business can be one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

With great effort, patience, and a couple of great techniques, you can use YouTube to grow your business and unlock more amazing marketing opportunities. You now have the essential steps that you need to start your YouTube channel, from defining your target audience to producing quality videos, to optimizing your channel. Integrating these steps into your strategy can help you start and grow a successful YouTube channel for your online business.