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Video SEO is a growing trend among webmasters that are using video content to promote their website. Video search engines are getting smarter and making it easier than ever to rank well.

With video SEO, you can learn how to create indexable thumbnails for website videos that will be perfect for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. If you haven’t heard of indexing then you have been missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools online today. It is just as important now as it was to rank well in the past and will continue to be in the future.

How you can use video SEO to rank well

When you use video SEO techniques on a regular basis, you will get better at video optimization. You will also attract more online publicists because more people will be able to find you. There are many different ways that people use to optimize their videos. One way is to write an article and submit it to article directories. When you have published the articles online, the viewers will be able to find them by performing a specific search.

Why you should consider video SEO?

When you are doing video SEO, the main goal is to create high-quality videos that will be easy to find in online searches. People need content to watch so they can keep watching the video, eventually downloading it, and then coming back for more.

You have to do the keyword research so you will know what keywords are being searched for frequently and you will need to rank for those keywords. Other than that, if you are promoting a website or a blog, you have to provide content for the viewers to enjoy and use to drive traffic to your site. In order to rank high, you must provide relevant content.

Video SEO techniques

Among video SEO techniques that you can do for your videos is to create thumbnails, title, and descriptions. Thumbnails will be the graphical images that will represent the video on a web page. The title of the video and the one who will be viewing it will also appear at the top of the thumbnails. These three tags will make the search engine robots to identify the video as being related to the searched term. The videos that are interesting will show up in the first few results, so you have to make sure that the videos you create are good.

It is necessary to create a video set that has high quality images because if the images are low quality, there is a chance that it will not rank well on most websites. When doing video SEO, it is necessary to do image and keyword research for each video. Keywords are words related to the video that people will type into the search engine. When using image tags, it is important to choose keywords that will be effective in image searches and on Google. It is always better to create a high-quality picture than to use bad quality images.

Thumbnails is among the video SEO keys

One of the most important things in video SEO is the thumbnails. A video platform such as YouTube does not provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to the size of the thumbnails. It may not be possible to obtain the preferred width and height of the thumbnails on your own. Therefore, it is important to hire the services of an expert if you are unable to attain the desired size of the thumbnails.

How to create indexable video thumbnails

Learning how to create indexable video thumbnails is very easy. All you really need is a bit of technical know-how to complete the task. You can create thumbnails by cropping an image, or “squeezing” an object so that it can be resized to fit within a smaller file. I will show you how to create indexable video thumbnails, so that your customers and visitors can easily access your videos on websites, and stream them on browsers.

There are two ways to create indexable thumbnails: manually, or using a software tool. It is completely up to you which method you wish to use. I personally like to use the second method, because there is a little less risk of loss. If you are creating it manually you run the risk of losing all of your images – this can be disastrous if you have any sort of data on your hard drive. I don’t recommend editing your videos manually – it is too risky and could cause severe damage.

When uploading an image or video to a website, most video hosting sites will compress the file before storing it, and they will often store the resulting indelible images in the same place as the original video file. This is why the thumbnails that you see on the front page of most video sites are usually the same as the video itself, because they have compressed the files.

Proper keywords are essential to your video SEO

When performing video SEO, it is essential to utilize the proper keywords for the search engines to be able to identify the video. If you don’t place the keywords strategically enough, the search engines will not be able to find it when it index the video. This means that you need to perform the entire optimization process again. You have to do a lot of research and create several different versions of your advertisement to make it unique. You need to perform video optimization periodically in order to remain effective.

How video SEO helps building your brand

The process of optimizing videos can also help in building brand awareness. You can easily get millions of views if your videos are effective. The best way to create an effective video content is to employ people who know how to optimize videos for YouTube SEO.

Once you have created your original videos, you can submit them for YouTube SEO so that thousands of people will be able to view them. You can create multiple versions of your videos and post them on multiple websites. YouTube has become one of the most popular search engines today and it is obvious that any company that wishes to remain on top needs to consider video SEO.


This short article has given you a brief overview of how important video optimization is and describes a little about video search engine optimization. You should also learn how you can optimize videos with search engine keywords, create keyword-optimized meta tags, insert meta description, and other important metadata into your videos to make them well ranked.

There are lots of the essential factors you need to know to optimize your videos for search engines such as core principles of SEO, video selection and format, SEO copywriting, video file name and tag naming, video file sharing, keyword density, title optimization, image anchor text, video description, video URL, video file name, and much more.

The brief overview that I have discussed above should give you an idea of the importance of videos in online marketing and how you can use them to your advantage for greater visibility online. Learning how you can optimize videos with video SEO techniques is the first step in reaching an all-encompassing level of visibility online.