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It's not surprising that as an affiliate marketer who is fighting to rank your videos, you may be wondering: what's the best time to post on YouTube? So you can get the best chance of showing and getting your videos ranked on top ten result of the search page.

Producing quality videos is challenging. Even after developing a high-quality video, getting people to view that video is even harder. That does not have to be the case for you.

Fifteen years back, co-founder of YouTube, Jawed Karim published the very first video on the streaming platform. Today, YouTube has actually grown to end up being more popular than other social networks and every other site other than Google.


The video streaming platform has over 2 billion active users. What's more, numerous video creators upload over 500 hours of material to YouTube every minute. That's a 40 percent boost considering that 2014.

All these creators, including you as an affiliate marketer are competing for a share of YouTube's 5 billion day-to-day video views.

With a lot competition, as an affiliate marketer how do you make your videos stand out? One of the key factors you need to know to answer this crucial question is to master the best time to post on YouTube. That's where this post comes in.

This short article checks out the very best time to post on YouTube and how to see your live customer count. You'll also discover some basic ideas to make your content much better and stick out.

When is the Best Time to Post on YouTube?

In general, the very best time to post video video on YouTube during weekdays is between 2 and 4 pm CST or EST (the most largely populated, internet-active time zones). As an affiliate marketer you need to always keep this in mind every time you want to upload your video.

You might be thinking it's a little too early because YouTube traffic is greatest in the evening in between 7 and 10 pm CST/EST.

The reason for posting earlier is that, just as Google indexes blog site content, YouTube does the very same for videos. Publishing your video a few hours earlier will allow your video to be indexed. That way, they'll up in search results.

Weekends are different. Lots of people are active on YouTube in the afternoon. For then, you'll wish to publish your videos previously in between 10-- 11 am EST or CST.

As an affiliate marketer who get used to leverage Instagram platform, you must also examine your YouTube Analytics to understand your channel's peak times.


How to Check Live YouTube Subscriber Count

best time to post on youtube

Inspecting your live subscriber count can be definitely useful for you as an affiliate marketer or content creator who stream live video to YouTube.

It allows you to see in real-time when you get or lose subscribers. This way, you can quickly tell what makes you gain and lose subscribers or perform in general.

Examining your live subscriber count is simple thanks to several online tools. A few of these tools are YouTube Subscriber Counter, YouTube Realtime, and Social Blade.

Simply select one, and you're great to go.

Optimize Your YouTube Video Metadata

As an affiliate marketer, understanding the very best time to post on YouTube is inadequate to produce a million views for your promotional videos. Other elements to consider before uploading your video consist of:

  • Producing a catchy title
  • Composing a compelling description
  • Proper descriptive tags
  • Finding a remarkable thumbnail

Above all, consistency is a must. Users go back to your channel because they like what you're producing. As an affiliate marketer, altering your formula or subject could press your subscribers to another video or channel.



Now you've already know the best time to post on YouTube and why it's very crucial to publish at the right time and enhance your video metadata. However, these actions may not be enough to sway the YouTube algorithm.

According to a report, 70 percent of what people enjoy on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm. As an affiliate marketer who want to make your video a winner on YouTube, what do you do?

It's simple. Produce the most engaging videos that your audience would enjoy viewing. Likewise, encourage them to engage with your video-- comments, likes, and even dislikes.

Lastly, consider using annotations and playlists to connect your videos. By doing this consistently you'll definitely get a chance of winning the competition and getting more successes with your affiliate marketing business.