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YIVE 3.0 review that I have created here is based on my experience as a real user. In my opinion YIVE 3.0 is the most incredible software that I have ever found and used so far. I use it to run my affiliate marketing campaigns on a daily basis and generate steady income from Amazon and ClickBank.

I'm not going to analyze this product in too detail. Instead, I'll just give you a general overview and show you my progress using it. The updated results of real Amazon and ClickBank commissions generated for me so far. In this YIVE 3.0 review, I'll discuss what it's all about, its features, who is it for, the pros & cons, and my final conclusion so that you can have more clarity about YIVE 3.0 and if it's right for you or not.

YIVE 3.0 Review - What is It All About? 

YIVE 3.0 (Your Instant Video Empire 3.0) is a completely cloud-based and automated set and forget mass video marketing software system that creates videos and then uploads them to Youtube on autopilot.

This is a great software for anyone wanting to automatically create quality videos and upload them to Youtube for their online campaigns on autopilot. It is very suitable to help you build an authority Youtube channel as it will create multiple videos and upload them automatically on your demand.

All you need to do is just set up a campaign in just few minutes and then YIVE 3.0 will do the work and start producing videos for you and then upload them to Youtube on autopilot non stop based on your rule and schedule.

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YIVE 3.0 Review - The Features

YIVE 3.0 has a lot of great features that you can use on your suit. Every feature has its own unique function and benefits. Specifically, each of them will do the following tasks and functions for you:


Amazon Reviews Campaign.

This great feature will help you automatically gather the best top-rated products directly from Amazon. It will pick only the best products with a minimum 4 star rating and then convert them into unique quality videos and upload the videos to Youtube as a great quality unique Amazon product reviews.


Specific URL Campaign.

In this feature, YIVE 3.0 will help you automatically creates and uploads videos from a specific URL for you. It can be your own websites or any other websites URL. It will convert the URL content into quality videos and upload them to Youtube on autopilot.

Multiple URLs Campaign.

In this feature, YIVE 3.0 will help you automatically creates and uploads videos from a multiple URLs for you. Very suitable for anyone who has lots of URLs to convert into videos in a bulk way. YIVE then will convert the URLs content into quality videos and upload them to Youtube on autopilot.

Spintax Videos Campaign.

If you have a quality article and want to convert it into videos then this feature will certainly be your favorite. It will help you create videos from your own script. It will convert an article into new unique videos and then upload them to multiple Youtube channels on autopilot.

Own Video Campaign.

If you have a video and want to multiply it into multiple videos then then this great feature will help you do just that. It will convert your video into multiple new videos and then upload them to your multiple Youtube channels as new unique videos for you.


RSS Campaign.

This feature will help you automatically create and upload quality videos from your RSS feeds that you can use to make your channel more authority by having a daily constant new videos uploaded to it.

Keyword Campaign.

This feature will help you automatically creates and uploads quality videos for any keyword that you have setup. YIVE 3.0 will gather the quality keyword-based contents from various resources, convert them into videos and then upload them to Youtube on your schedule.

And the best thing is it can creates the videos for multiple languages as requested. So if you want to run your campaigns in multiple countries then this great software will certainly help you do just that.

YIVE 3.0 Review - Pros and Cons


  • You got all the things pitched on the sales page and even beyond that
  • This is completely set and forget automated software
  • Very simple to use and newbie friendly
  • Fastest customer support
  • Great and helpful active FB group
  • Regular and free updates
  • Feature request is possibly accepted


This offer can be closed at anytime 

YIVE 3.0 Review - Who is It Suitable For?

Based on my experience using this great software, I believe it's really suitable for anyone of online and offline marketers, video marketers, internet marketers, bloggers, product creators, local business owners, affiliate marketers or even all entrepreneurs...

  • Who are having trouble with making steady income from their affiliate site so far.
  • Who wants to know how to expand their online reach by building their instant video empire leveraging Youtube benefits that actually makes money on autopilot.
  • Who want to dominate Youtube with their specific campaigns using the automatic way without having to spend millions of dollars paying for content creation service, so they can improve their online performance quickly and easily.
  • Who wants to create quality video contents on a daily basis automatically so they can dominate their competitors for a specific niche that will give them a long term steady income online.

My Progress of Using YIVE 3.0

I've been using this great software for about 3 months. Started end of June, 2020. I can say that this software is a beast! It takes only 2 weeks after running my Amazon and Clickbank campaigns and BOOM! The results is amazing...Don't just take my words for it, here are the screen shots as the proof how this great software does really work!

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Clickbank Income Update

YIVE System Results


This is the best-value software you’re going to find. It’s packed-full of great feature, and it’s half the price of the competitors. It’s basically a no-brainer! It’s not the prettiest girl at the party, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to getting the job done. Looks aren’t everything! This is my favorite software of my video marketing arsenals. I’m yet to find anything that really compares, and the money-back guarantee means you’ve really got nothing to lose by trying it.